* Top 6 teams qualify for playoffs
* Teams are seeded, 1-6, based on total regular season conference points
* First Round: Two games (plus mini-game, if necessary)
   Feb 23-25, 2018
   #6 at #1
   #5 at #2
   #4 at #3
* Championship Weekend: Single-game elimination (play until a winner is determined) at highest remaining seed
   Mar 2-3 or 3-4, 2018
   GM 1, Semifinal: 3rd-highest seed vs 2nd-highest seed
   GM 2: GM 1 winner vs Host

* Two games are played with standard NCAA rules applying (single 5:00 OT).
* Games 1 and 2 can end in an OT tie.
* If the two games are split or if both end in a tie, a 20-minute minigame is played.  At the end of the second game, the ice shall be resurfaced and there is a 15-minute intermission.  Starting lineups are announced before the minigame, as in a regular game, and the teams will play the full 20 minutes, regardless of score.  Should the game be tied after the 20 minutes, the teams will play 20-minute sudden-death overtimes periods.